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Free MUNI Ticket with Chase Center Event Ticket

Large event centers have high demand peaks for travel on nearby transit, streets, and highways. To encourage transit use, the recently opened 16,000-seat Chase Center offers free Muni to events; customers’ event tickets serve as a Muni ticket. In addition to allowing free Muni rides to Chase Center for ticketholders on event days, transit stop improvements and special event buses were also added to increase transit capacity and frequency for events. By removing challenges to riding transit, such as long lines to purchase a transit ticket after a game as well as the monetary barrier, this program encourages transit use for special events.

Chase Center.jpg

Chase Center on Opening Day Friday September 6, 2019


The new arena has only been open for a few months and the data on Muni use and longer-term trends are not available. Early findings from the SFMTA indicate the transportation strategies have served the original purpose of increasing reliance on high-capacity modes and reducing the overall traffic burden, including on nights when both Chase Center and nearby Oracle Park have had events.

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