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CTA Bus Tracker: Improving reliability of real-time transit information

The CTA, in Chicago, introduced its Bus Tracker system along certain routes from 2006-2009. The Bus Tracker uses GPS to locate city buses and present their current location and expected arrival time on various platforms. At first, Bus Tracker was accessible only through the CTA website, but over time new methods of information sharing were launched. Riders gained the ability to subscribe to email or text message updates for preferred bus stops, and more recently third-party vendors have created a variety of Bus Tracker apps for smartphones and other mobile devices.

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CTA Bus Tracker Website


The Bus Tracker system was rolled out incrementally, allowing CTA to compare changes in ridership between routes with improved information and routes without that intervention. CTA determined that the Bus Tracker was responsible for a 1.8 to 2.2 percent ridership increase on routes where Bus Tracker is available.

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