The Need for Action

US-101 is a key piece of the transportation network connecting communities in San  Francisco, the Peninsula, and the South Bay. US-101 is one of the most economically important corridors in California, as well as a near neighbor to more than 640,000 residents. The US-101 Mobility Action Plan (MAP) project is developing programs and policies to address the following problems:

US-101 is not moving as many people as it could

Travel time on US-101 is unpredictable

Worsening congestion reduces the number of jobs accessible in 30 minutes

US-101 causes public health burdens and mobility constraints for nearby communities

Congestion, unpredictability, and limited transit options present mobility challenges for all, but some groups are more vulnerable

  • Hourly-wage and shift-based workers who may lose a job or wages due to tardiness

  • Low-income households who spend a greater share of their income on transportation

  • Students with set class times who may miss key education opportunities

  • Parents and caregivers who may pay fees or risk children's safety for every minute they are late for pick-up

The US-101 Study Corridor
Mobility Action Plan Goals

The ideal US-101 corridor serves the region equitably
in service to three goals:

Offer reliable travel times for all people, regardless of how they travel

Prioritize high-capacity mobility options for all, such as buses and carpools

Foster healthy and sustainable communities along its right-of-way

Project Timeline

Spring 2019

Study the US-101 corridor to better understand travel patterns, policies, demographics, and transportation services available today.

Summer 2019

Launch the 101 MAP survey and website. Gather input from the community at pop-up events and public meetings.

Fall 2019

Share what we heard from the community. Develop and refine a framework for evaluating potential policies and programs.

Winter 2019

Wrap up Phase I of the project and share our recommendations.

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The US-101 MAP is being developed in partnership with the following agencies: